SpecterOps Acquires MINIS

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Experts in today's cybersecurity challenges

MINIS is a leading Cyber and Information Security consulting company specializing in expert-level penetration testing, red team operations, cyber threat analysis, cyber threat emulation and replication, application security, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, and incident mitigation.

Our mission is to develop actionable, efficient and innovative solutions for today’s complex IT and Cybersecurity challenges.

MINIS owes its success to a highly skilled and experienced team. Each MINIS team member has over 15 years of experience with the unique tools, techniques, and procedures employed by malicious entities or threats in the Cyber and Information Security space. This experience includes efforts dedicated to researching, understanding and mitigating against highly sophisticated threats for both government and commercial clients.


Threat Emulation

Recreate a high-fidelity, realistic adversary or threat representation within the customer environment to understand how defenses hold up to attackers of multiple competency levels.

Red Teaming

Take penetration testing to the next level with a realistic, scenario-driven threat assessment against organizational assets (end-to-end security assessments including people, processes and technology).

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is much more than just identifying vulnerabilities. Penetration testing requires the understanding, validation and exploitation of weaknesses to accurately assess, measure, and verify susceptibility and level of risk to an organization.

Web Application Security

Web applications are doorways into a network and remain a serious risk to any organization. Thorough security testing is required to discover where security weaknesses may hide.

Threat Mitigation

Discovering what security weaknesses exist is only half the solution. Implementing manageable and effective defensive solutions is critical to properly mitigating the weaknesses.

Cybersecurity Training

MINIS provides offensive and defensive security training to IT and security staff. Security training can be customized or created to fit specific customer needs.

Virtual CIO, CSO, CISO Services

Recruiting and retaining a CIO, CSO, or CISO with the real-world knowledge and capabilities required to manage, plan, secure, or develop an effective strategy can be difficult and costly. MINIS facilitates a customer's need for information technology and security strategies in both large and small business venues.

Threat Express™

Threat Express™ is a cloud-based threat emulation environment used to enhance a red team or penetration test team's ability to quickly deploy and manage test campaigns and scenarios.

  • BedRock is an on-demand service designed to deploy a security testing infrastructure in direct support of assessment scenarios for a penetration test or red team engagement. Highly customizable threat profiles allow for targeted campaigns that are directly applicable to the customer.

    BedRock: Red Team Infrastructure, Streamlined Command and Control (C2) deployment, trusted TLS/SSL certificates, access control, custom domain registration, multi-layer C2, threat emulation and penetration testing. MINIS LLC

  • Echo is an advanced data collection platform designed to capture critical assessment data generated by security operators.

    Echo: Collaborative data logging, screenshot management with detailed logs, file organization and management, credential management, target management, decrease report generation time, threat emulation and penetration testing. Best in class. MINIS LLC

  • PortPlow is a distributed port and system scanning & enumeration service. It enables the quick and automated enumeration of ports and services from multiple systems managed by a central console.

    PortPlow: Automated scanning and enumeration, distributed and scalable, logging and reporting, multiple campaigns, export data in multiple formats, threat emulation and penetration testing. MINIS LLC